A collaborative project between ABD Concepts and 911 Supply, these targets were designed to be FREE for download and portable in use. The targets vary in focus of skills and drills incorporated into each; from zeroing RDS pistols, multiple target transitions, to cognitive exercises. The drills suggested will allow you to establish a baseline of your own abilities and then improve upon at your own pace. Distance, time and target size are all variables to be played with; but accuracy is crucial. 

Please be as creative with these targets as you like. If you design your own drill using one of our targets, please send it to us for review. If chosen, we will shoot the drill, tag you in all advertising and give you proper credit of its inception and implementation. 
 rush hour 2 rush hour 2  The Lantern 1  The Lantern 2  The Mandarin 1  The Mandarin 2  T Series 
After Actions

An After Action Review (AAR) is a structured review or debrief process for analyzing what happened, why it happened and how it can be done better. 

If you are wondering why you should train with us and what we bring to the table; we encourage you to read the articles listed in this section. These AAR’s were written without incentive or compensation, and simply serve as blend of subjective and objective views for how our courses were run. Our goal is for you to never take the same course twice. The material we create is constantly under review and will adapt to the ever changing world that we work in. Please take a read of what some of our students have said about our training methodologies.
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